The right way to handle your pet candle

Our pet candles are lovingly hand poured and to make sure they last you a long time, here are some useful care instructions:

Pet candle remove protective film

All our animal candles are delivered with an original protective template. Before you light the candle, you should remove this template in any case!

Light and let burn properly

It is important that you let your pet candle burn from the first lighting until the wax has melted from the wick to the edge of the candle. So you avoid the wax edge and the candle burns evenly and quietly down.

Do not let flame burn too high

Always make sure that the flame of your pet candle does not burn too high because this will cause your candle to burn unevenly and the candle may soot and turn black from the inside. It also helps to shorten the wick to a maximum of half a centimeter in between.

Do not let burn too long

Ideally, candles should burn no more than 4 hours at a time.

Open flame & pets

Please make sure that a burning candle is not unattended with your pets. Should your pet constantly seek proximity to open flames, perhaps our LED candle a nice solution for you. 


Download here our safety instructions for handling candles. according to EN 15494 from 2020