We have made it and are finally live. And also on this special day, because today we celebrate with you the 10th birthday of our Hope. And we could hardly choose a better day to launch Tierkerze.de

Last year there were many challenges for us and we (had to) reposition ourselves. In a small team meeting, the idea of Tierkerze.de then saw the light of day within 1 minute and here we are now 🙂

We have been in the pet industry for almost 10 years now and know the market, the business and the people pretty well. We have successfully made surprise boxes for dogs and cats, our own dog and cat food, had our own store with 220 sqm and our own fulfillment logistics...

Food, snacks, toys - these were the important components around which it revolved. But all this, of course, focused only on the active animals and their owners.

But anyone who has ever lost their beloved pet knows what we're talking about when you're reminded of the day (inevitably comes through your social media channels). You think back to the beautiful moments, you want to make Rainbow Day special and remember as much as you can.

We are certainly not the only ones who have a crazy story to tell about the beloved pet's Rainbow Day (we'll tell that one in a separate post sometime) and you don't want to lose the thoughts, memories and feelings and also revive them sometimes.

And through such a rainbow day one appreciates all the more also the birthday of the current favorite and celebrates the accordingly (we do in any case so with lots of snacks, toys and party). And somehow there was nothing that also supports others to celebrate these special days with the appropriate accessories.

Tadaaaa, so here is the animal candle. We handcraft personalized candles in Germany for birthdays or Rainbow Day and have a main focus that you also not just get a candle in a box. We wanted to have a special unwrapping experience, the main product combined with beautiful accessories and useful gimmicks. That you can also give away directly without any problems.

We are convinced that you will really like our products. And although it all looks pretty perfect, we still have a lot of ideas and features in the bag, which we are now successively adding and thus offer you permanently great experiences and products for your darling.

We are very much looking forward to this new adventure with you and are excited to see where the road takes us. Feel free to follow us on social media, sign up for our newsletter and we would love to hear your opinion and feedback.

Your team from Tierkerze.de

Our Hope becomes today, on 15.08.2021 whole 10 years old

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